Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 Iowa Caucus Posts

Here is a roundup of my top posts on each candidates over the past year and half (I will be updating it and adding links throughout the day)...

Common Iowan Endorses Obama

Ranking the Speeches at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner
2007 Jefferson Jackson Dinner Liveblog
Philadelphia Debate
Democratic Debate in New Hampshire
CNN/YouTube Debate

Barack Obama
Michelle Obama: We Suffer a Deficit of Empathy
Obama Highlights Real World Experience and Action
Obama Saves Christmas
Video from Oprah and Obama in Des Moines
Heartland Presidential Forum: Barack Obama
Video of Obama's speech at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Did Harkin Make His Endorsement at Last Year's Steak Fry?
Obama Liveblog in Oskaloosa: The Speech
Obama in Newton
Report from Obama Event in Marshalltown: Part 1
Report From Obama Event in Marshalltown: Part 2
Live Blogging from Obama Event in Ames: Part 1
Live Blogging from Obama Event in Ames: Part 2

John Edwards
Edwards Bus Tour Stops in Marshalltown
Heartland Presidential Forum: John Edwards
Trade is a Big Issue in Iowa
Video of Edwards' Speech at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Edwards Calls on Iowans to Not Caucus for Anyone Who Takes Lobbyist Money
Edwards Calls for Campaign Finance Reform
Biden and Edwards Stand Out at AARP Debate
Harkin Steak Fry: John Edwards' Speech
This Needs to Be John Edwards' Next Commercial
Edwards Calls for Halt on Coal Plants in the Backyard of Proposed Coal Plant
Live Blogging John Edwards Event in Marshalltown
John Edwards in Marengo
John Edwards Community Meeting in Newton
Edwards Presidential Announcement in Des Moines

Joe Biden
Biden Can't Wait to Take on Republicans
Biden and Edwards Stand Out at AARP Debate
Biden Stresses the Importance of Iowa and New Hampshire being First
Joe Biden Liveblog in Des Moines

Chris Dodd
Heartland Presidential Forum: Chris Dodd
The Oath of Office
So Why Not Dodd?
Harkin Steak Fry: Best Line Goes to Dodd
Dodd Calls for Free Community College
Report from Chris Dodd Event in Pleasantville
I Really Want to Like Chris Dodd in 2008

Bill Richardson
Richardson Supports Clean Elections and the VOICE Act
Richardson Lays Out Plans on Iraq
Only a US Withdrawal Will Stop al Qaeda in Iraq
Richardson: Get Out of Iraq This Calendar Year

Hillary Clinton
Could Hillary Come in Third in Iowa?
Clinton's Political Philosophy
Heartland Presidential Forum: Hillary Clinton
Clinton's Slipperiness on Trade Issues
Is Hillary a Fair-Trader?
Hillary is In, but She Won't Win

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