Friday, June 15, 2007

Edwards Calls for Halt on Coal Plants in the Backyard of Proposed Coal Plant

John Edwards called for a halt on coal-fired power plants in Marshalltown, where a proposed $1 billion, 600 mw coal-fired power plant is being proposed by Alliant Energy.

Edwards said...

...we need to use coal sequestration technology and not build anymore coal plants until this technology is available.
I assumed Edwards was not informed about the proposed power plant in town when I first heard this comment. However, after the event, I overheard a local reporter ask if Edwards was aware of Alliant's proposed coal-fired power plant. Edwards said he doesn't believe in changing his position based on what town he is speaking in. This makes me think Edwards knew about the plant was once again taking a principled stand on the issue.

Edward's answer came on a question about high gas prices and requiring oil companies to invest excess profits into building new refineries. Edwards used to the question to lay out his plan to curb carbon emmissions and he threw in there the comment about putting a halt on coal plants until the coal sequesteration techonolgy is available.

It will be interesting to see if the media picks up on this comment.

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