Saturday, December 08, 2007

Biden Can't Wait to Take on the Republicans

This morning I attended a Joe Biden campaign event in Marshalltown. There were about 50 people in attendance. I was impressed with Biden's toughness and knowledge on the issues. As I was walking out I saw a few people saying they decided to support Biden after hearing his speech.

The theme of Biden's speech was that the next president must be ready to take action and the issue at hand is Iraq. At the beginning of the speech, he thanked Iowans for letting candidates like him have a chance. He said if it wasn't for Iowa, this campaign would be about 30 second commercials and not about ideas.

Biden spoke a lot about foreign affairs. He said Iraq is the boulder that is in the middle of the road that must be taken care of first before any other issue can be taken care of. One thing that stuck out was when Biden said Americans aren't conservative, liberal, or moderate. They are pragmatic and are looking for someone who will tackle the issues and solve the country's problems.

Here is a video I take at the event. Biden is talking about how he can't wait to take on the Republicans on moral issues.

Biden has some momentum building in Iowa. I rarely hear people that say they don't like him. If Clinton, Obama, or Edwards makes a major gaffe, Biden could take advantage and move into 3rd place.


Anonymous said...

Biden will move up, there is no doubt in my mind. He may even be viable in my precinct on January 3.

I don't think he has the statewide organization to finish in the top three, though. He just won't be viable in enough areas.

I hear again and again how impressed people are after seeing him in person. I saw him in West Des Moines a couple of weeks ago, and even I walked out of there thinking I'd like to help him get a delegate if I could do it without taking a delegate away from Edwards.


iPol said...

Joe Biden will surprise people with the strength of his showing on caucus night. The reason he is moving up is, as this post attests, he is the one candidate who is changing voters' minds when they see him.

Biden speaks, voters listen, and then become supporters. It's a playbook cliche, but that's what is happening with Biden in Iowa just now. And that's why Joe Biden is poised to dramatically exceed expectations January 3.