Monday, December 03, 2007

Clinton's Political Philosophy

At a recent event, Hillary Clinton was asked about the next president needing to have some spine. Clinton responded by saying...

We will have enough spine as we possible can have under the circumstances.

Clinton's answer sums her entire political philosophy. Unfortunately, this philosophy is far too common inside the beltway and is conventional thinking amongst Washington Democrats and consultants.

Her response reminded me of an article written by Glenn Greenwald after Russ Feingold announced he was not going to run for President.
Not only do they believe in nothing, they think that a Belief in Nothing is a mark of sophistication and wisdom. Those who believe in things too much -- who display political passion or who take their convictions and ideals seriously (Feingold, Howard Dean) -- are either naive or, worse, are the crazy, irrational, loudmouth masses and radicals who disrupt the elevated, measured world of the high-level, dispassionate Beltway sophisticates (James Carville, David Broder, Fred Hiatt). They are interested in, even obsessed with, every aspect of the political process except for deeply held political beliefs -- the only part that really matters or that has any real worth.

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The Real Sporer said...

Drat, we agree again. Obviously, I tend to be a pragmatic negotiator type and excessive radicalism typically isn't helpful.

But we need conviction politicians that:
1. Know what they believe.
2. Know why they are right.
3. Can articulate why they are right.
4. Persuade others to agree with them.

I guess that is why the great leaders are great, they are rare.