Sunday, August 12, 2007

Biden Stresses the Importance of Iowa and New Hampshire Being First

Speaking before a small crowd of about 25 people in a Marshalltown coffeshop, Joe Biden stressed the importance of Iowa keeping it’s first in the nation status.

If it weren’t for you people in Iowa, guys like me wouldn’t be able to compete and get their ideas out there. Without Iowa and New Hampshire first, it is all about money.

Biden discussed what it would be like if larger states like California, Florida, New York, and Ohio would be go early in the nominating process.

Biden then went and asked if we ever thought candidates would be sitting in a small coffeeshop in California talking to people.

Biden is exactly right. If we want to see the presidential campaigns played out on TV through ads and soundbites on cable news then it doesn't matter if Iowa and New Hampshire goes first. However, lesser known candidates without as much money are able to compete in Iowa and New Hampshire. These states give these candidates a smaller stage to compete on and forces the big name rock star candidates to participate in retail politics.

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Debi said...

Every candidate should be saying this...Democrat and Republican.