Saturday, December 01, 2007

Heartland Presidential Forum: John Edwards

As I posted earlier, I was unable to attend the Heartland Presidential Forum due to the winter weather that is hitting the area. So I am sitting comfortably at home and will be blogging from my couch.

John Edwards is the first candidate to take the stage at the Heartland Presidential Forum. The emphasis on community values fits right into Edwards' campaign theme.

The first question is about corporations taking advantage of American people, taking too much power and not being held accountable. The questioners talk about large hog confinements and predatory lending. Edwards says this reason is the heart and soul of why he is running for President.

How long are we going to let these people running the United States of America? When are we going to take back our democracy?
Edwards says he has fought these big interests his entire life. He says he has beaten these corporations in the courtroom and will continue to do so as President. Edwards says he will put a moratorium on CAFO and large confinements, enforce clean air and clean water laws, and put an end to predatory lending.

The second group of people are asking about racial justice and environmental justice. Edwards says the people most likely to suffer from environmental degradation our the immigrants, the poor, and the less fortunate. He was taught to believe that the men and women that work in mills, like his father did, are just as important as the person that owns the mill. In terms of racial justice, Edwards says he will end racial profiling, close Guatanomo, end illegal spying on American people, and he can't believe America is discussing what kind of torture is ok.

The next question is about the expanding prison population and what Edwards will do about it.
How long will it take for America to understand we can't build more prison to solve these problems?
He says, if we believe in creating an equal and justice society, it is America's obligation to create jobs in poor communities, raise the minimum wage, strengthening the rights of unions to organize, and create a system of success to help people who are addicted to drugs.

Edwards closes by saying this election is about more than politics, it is the moral test of our time. He sees an epic fight ahead and we can't negotiate for getting power back, we have to take it back.

Edwards is touching upon on many of the points from his stump speeches. The topics of these forum really are right up Edwards' alley and crowd seems to really like it. As Edwards leaves, the crowd gives him a standing ovation.

Here is more information
on Edwards' appearence.


benny06 said...

Excellent. I missed this on C-SPAN and you are a good CJ. Thanks for the report and the links. I have linked my post to your blog in order to give Benny's World readers a window into this forum.

Anonymous said...

You can also view clips at

noneed4thneed said...

Thanks for the link Benny. I was really hoping I could have attended the forum, but weather was really crappy in Iowa. Travel was not advised throughout most of the state and flights were cancelled at the Des Moines airport.