Friday, December 28, 2007

Obama Saves Christmas

A Marshalltown family had their home vandalized on Christmas Eve. Their Christmas gifts were stolen and hateful remarks towards Obama and racial slurs were spray painted on the walls.

The mother, who is a precinct captain for Obama, called the Obama captain office in town to tell them what happened. Two staff members went to the house to help clean up. Without the family knowing, another staff member and some volunteers went shopping to purchase gifts for the family's two girls, so they would have present to open on Christmas.

Yesterday, Barack Obama was in town for a campaign event at the local high school. Away from the cameras, in a classroom down the hall from the event, Obama meant privately with the family.

The family are already supporters of Obama, but this event shows that the words Obama speaks on the campaign trail aren't for show. They are about taking the little actions to help people and save Christmas for a family.


totalreno said...

If Obama is so convinced that washington experience is a hinderence
to solving our domestic and global problems, then he must immediately
dismiss all of his staff and advisors that have 5 years or more of
experience in washington.

If he does not, then he must explain to the people of iowa and new
hampshire why it is ok for him not to have experience but to compeletly
depend on "the masters of a corrupt and broken system" to provide him
with counsel, fill out his staff and and potential administration.

I would really like to see him try to answer that question.

Ben said...

As long as we're throwing out presumptious things that others "must" do, then I suggest that totalreno "must" explain why (s)he choose the arbitrary line of 5 years, "must" explain why (s)he assumes that Washington insiders make up a sizeable portion of Sen. Obama's staff let alone his potential administration, and "must" tell us all what his/her comment has to do with the actual subject of the original post.

Until (s)he does so I "must" assume that (s)he is an ass and ignore him/her.

The Real Sporer said...

those staffers have learned that generosity from there time in iowa.

as for obama, even if its not sincere (i rather think it is though, cause he's that kind of boy scout)it's at least sufficiently sentimental to show the guy is human.

hillary would have given them the presents with reporters taking some good footage. Kind of like Evita handing out all those goodies, sometimes just throwing money into a crowd (like al capone).

Anonymous said...

Wow, Mr. Sporer, you are way too harsh on Hillary. I am far from a Clinton fan, but you should watch some of those "The Hillary I Know" videos. She does help people even when the cameras are not rolling and when the issue is not high-profile.

Noneed, nice story about Obama and his staff. I am sorry to hear about such a hateful crime taking place.


Tina said...

Y'all might like this AJC article which makes it look like Sen. Obama would be the hardest Dem candidate for any of the Republican candidates to beat in the general election next November: