Friday, December 28, 2007

Still Undecided: What I'm Looking for

Here is a look at the the issues I am looking at when trying to decide which candidate to support for president.

I want a candidate for president that...

  • is strongly against Free Trade and recognizes that NAFTA ships US jobs overseas and is a driving force behind our immigration problem.
  • is in favor of universal health care
  • sees the major flaws in NCLB and will drastically change the program or just get rid of it
  • is committed to ending our addiction to foreign oil and sees renewable energy and green technologies as a way to create millions of jobs in the country
  • sees Iraq as a distraction from fighting al Qaeda and dealing with terror threats around the world, will bring our troops home from Iraq ( the British withdrawal from Basra reduced violence in the city by 90%), and understands the only solution in Iraq is a diplomatic one
  • has been a longtime supporter of these issues and has the votes and real world experience to back it up
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dancing_pen2001 said...

John Edwards

James Ploeser said...

If you want some more info on trade policies, one of my top issues too, check out the Iowa Fair Trade Campaign site.

We released a compiled fair trade voter guide of sorts. The press release, also linked on that page, tells the full story.

Its so hard to get them to directly tackle fair trade issues that have really harmed Iowa, but we're pretty happy that these answers provide more info than most. Still plenty to be desired, but way more depth and detail than before.

James Ploeser said...

Hate to comment twice, but it occurred to me that it would be cool to see what you think of these answers in a post.

Just a thought.

Mario said...

Chris Dodd:
1) Has opposed unfair trade and spoken out on the subject many times, including his recent calls for stopping poisonous Chinese imported toys, foods and other products.
2)Has a universal and achievable health care plan - extending the FEHBP to all Americans, it is good enough for Congress, why not you and me?
3) Is the only candidate to have a plan endorsed by the NEA to fix the problems of NCLB, has been fighting to get that plan out of committee for multiple terms without assistance from his colleagues in the senate
4) Strong Energy/Enviroment plan and the only one that includes a Corporate Carbon Tax
5) Has stood strong for enforceable timetables to bring the troops home.
6) Family and Medical Leave Act, Head Start Senator of the Decade, Negotiated Peace in Central America and Northern Ireland, Infrastructure bill submitted before the bridge collapsed, Autism bill, Peace Corps, and he stood up to fight the administration and Senate Leadership to defend the Constitution from being further trampled on with the FISA bill.

I work on the campaign for Chris Dodd in Iowa

The Real Sporer said...

Unless you think that Hill is going to govern differently than Bill you've pretty much got to rule her out using your criteria.

Other than the truly socialist parts of the agenda (universal health care for example) 41 Brother Bill (42) and Brother George (43) have engaged in some very similar domestic, trade and energy policies.

Obama is your scariest candidate, Biden would make the best POTUS and Edwards would be the most entertaining campaign for us (well, actually Ron Paul v. Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel v. Alan Keyes would be the most entertaining but it ain't gonna happen)

noneed4thneed said...


Hillary was ruled out way at the beginning of the campaign.

RF said...

You seem to be one of the people who chooses his candidate based on issues. With this year's candidate crop, I think that's a difficult task. I just don't think there are that many meaningful differences. I think we are forced to go with the type of leadership you prefer. With that, I'm going with Obama. While I admit he's a bit of a gamble, I think the potential dividends are huge. He seems to be the only D who could deliver Obama Republicans and independents for us, possibly for years to come. Like R's have had their Reagan D's.

Plus, if you are still undecided at this stage but your wife is committed enough to be a precinct captain for her candidate, I would think twice before not going with her choice. :)

Anonymous said...

Fred Thompson is one of the most straightforward politicians I've seen. To quote an old saying, "he says what he means, and means what he says". He understands the world we live in, the gravity of our war on terrorism and the geopolitics involved, our national security requirements, as well as the necessity of a strong economy, and proficient health and educational systems. And he understands what role the federal government should take in these matters and what roles it should not, states rights. You see, Fred is a firm believer in our constitution. He's quite outspoken for our 2nd ammendment rights because of that belief. Go to to see for yourself his stances on the issues and his plans for improvement

noneed4thneed said...

So are you suggesting that Thompson is against NCLB, wants to bring all our troops home, is against Free Trade, and wants universal health care?