Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Frenzy

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I went through the archives and am posting links to some of Obama's greatest speeches, my best posts, and reports from events that I attended throughout the campaign.

Do Your Part
This election was not about Obama at all. It was about you and me. It was about reponsibility, opportunity, and community. We all have the responsibility to get active in something we believe in, we have the opportunity to solve big problems, and we must come together in our own communities to make it happen.
Obama's Victory Speech

It's Not About Politics, It's About Hope
Story about a lifelong Republican who volunteered to canvass a housing project for the Obama campaign.

Got Hope?
Best ad from MoveOn's ad contest.

Yes We Can
Will.i.am's remix of Obama's speech on the night of the New Hampshire primary.

Obama's South Carolina Victory Speech

Barack Obama: Yes, We Can

Reports from campaign events I attended leading up to the Iowa Caucuses...

Michelle Obama: We Suffer a Deficit of Empathy
Probably the best speech I heard from anyone leading up to the caucuses.

Obama Highlights Real World Experience and Action
Video from an event in Marshalltown.

Obama Saves Christmas
Obama campaign helps local family.

Video from Oprah and Obama in Des Moines

Heartland Presidential Forum: Barack Obama

Video of Obama's speech at the Jefferson Jackson Dinner
Probably the speech that seperated himself from the pack and showed the Democratic base that Obama was for real.
Here are the liveblog from Obama's rally in Ames following his presidential announcement...
Live Blogging from Obama Event in Ames: Part 1

Live Blogging from Obama Event in Ames: Part 2
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