Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Presidential Debate Liveblog

I am live blogging the presidential debate on Twitter and then I'll post everything here once the debate is finished.

commoniowan: Here are the instapolls...CNN poll of debate viewers: Obama 58%, McCain 31% and CBS poll of uncommitted voters: Obama 53%, McCain 22%

commoniowan: McCain saying "I'm not President Bush" sounded a lot like Nixon saying "I'm not a crook."

commoniowan: Obama "It's time to invest in the American people again."

commoniowan: Vouchers only let the best and brightest leave the public school system while leaving those with most need in an under funded school.

commoniowan: McCain isn't saying "my friends" tonight. It seems his only friend is Joe Plumber.

commoniowan: Obama's playing too much defense and not enough offense

commoniowan: Obama should say that McCain's running ads calling me a terrorist. That's far worse than an ad citing differences in our health care plans.

commoniowan: As a teacher this finger pointing sounds really childish. "Your ads say this and this" and "you said this first."

commoniowan: Obama "I can handle being attacked for the next 3 weeks. What the American people can't afford is 4 more years of failed economic policies."

commoniowan: McCain says that if only Obama had done townhall meetings then he would not have had to run such a negative campaign.

commoniowan: McCain says he is not Bush and if Obama wanted to run against Bush then he should have run 4 years ago

commoniowan: There's a sense of urgency in McCain's voice tonight that wasn't there in the first two debates.

commoniowan: McCain reminds people that he is really old by saying, "during the depression, you might remember..."

commoniowan: McCain once again forgets that the vast majority of corporations don't pay any at all.

commoniowan: Forget Joe Sixpack, now we have Joe the Plumber.

commoniowan: McCain just said that he has a plan that he has outlined but he isn't going to tell people about it n the debate.

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