Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yepsen Says McCain Lost the Debate

This time around, David Yepsen says McCain lost debate...

John McCain lost the final debate of the 2008 presidential campaign Wednesday night. As a result, he may well have lost the election, too.

Oh, the Arizona senator did a nice job in the forum. Trouble is, it wasn’t good enough. Barack Obama did an adequate job, too.

McCain simply needed a breakout performance and he failed to provide one. He went into the forum trailing Obama in polls of the contest and he came out of in the same position. By doing so, McCain missed his biggest remaining opportunity to change the direction of the presidential contest.

I listened to most of the debate on the radio and thought McCain didn't pretty well, but failed to deliver the knock out punch needed. Then I saw some clips from the debate and McCain looked irritated, rolled his eyes, and interrupted Obama often.

Democracy Corps summed up my feelings...
John McCain entered tonight’s debate needing to halt Barack Obama’s momentum and fundamentally change the dynamic of the race.Not only did he fail to achieve this goal, McCain dug himself an even deeper hole.Undecided voters watching the debate felt McCain gave a decidedly un-presidential performance, appearing rude, negative, and easily flustered – a stark contrast to Barack Obama’s cool, commanding presence.

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