Saturday, May 09, 2009

Think Big

From an education blog I visit called Dangerously Irrelevant...

The time has come. We cannot wait anymore. For years, we have hidden behind our own small thoughts or let ourselves be held back by other small thinking people who don’t believe in us. Worse still, we have been rejected as marginal, unrealistic, dreamers, idealists, maybe even delusional. Family, friends, colleagues, and others (not to mention our own selves) have tried to negate us, eliminate us, and silence us. We will not stand for it anymore. We say – bring it on. Our personal revolution from small thinking to big thinking is now. We will make public our aim to think big about our goals, our intentions, and, yes, our dreams.

There’s more. We will collaborate, cooperate, and join forces with other big thinkers to bring about the larger revolution our society needs if it is to survive.

You want to think big. I want to think big. Together, we will think even bigger. [The Think Big Manifesto, p. 34]

This has many connections to politics. Now is not the time for small changes our nations problem. We must think big to come up with solutions. We must consider single-payer health care, we must consider cap and trade or a carbon tax, we must consider connecting our nation's biggest cities with a high speed rail network, we must expand broadband access to rural areas, we must reform education. Think big.

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