Saturday, May 09, 2009

Energy + Urgency = Passion

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This isn't a political post, but it's Saturday and not many people visit my blog on Saturday's anyways.

So here's a poem that calls you to get active in something you care about.

Energy + Urgency = Passion

Some people are loud in their passion,
Some are passionately meek
Their eyes tell the story
The fire in their belly is what I seek

I teach people to use these tools
that allow their voice to reach ears all around
and enhance the engagement and connections
and here is what I've found.

Give me the one that believes so much
in what it is they have set out to do or be
In those their voice will be embraced
As far as ears can hear and eyes can see

Give me those that believe there are others
who want to accomplish a thing or two
to change things for better around and about
they'll find a community that sticks like glue

Are you one of these world changers?
There's always room for one more
One who believes in others first
their ideas will always soar

Do you have the energy?
Is Urgency one of your senses?
These together create a passionate pace
Find that - and you'll hurdle all fences.

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