Monday, January 26, 2009

Sioux City Doctor Heads to Gaza to Care for the Wounded

Last week, a Sioux City Doctor travelled to Gaza to care for injured Palestinians.

There is a fragile ceasefire now in place between Israel and Hamas militants in Gaza, but in the process of the fighting, over a thousand Palestinians died and several thousand more were injured.

"There's a crisis there and they need help. I'm trained to give that kind of help," Dr. Rick Colwell says.

Dr. Rick Colwell is an emergency room physician at St. Luke's and one of nine U.S. doctors and four from Canada leaving on a 10-day mission to Gaza, providing relief to doctors there overwhelmed with recent need.
You can read about updates from the trip here.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff...need more ppl like this.

traveller said...

Hey I'm from Sioux City too! I wish Dr.Colwell all the best, and hope he comes home safe.

Anonymous said...

despite the ceasefire the medical needs seem to still be needed.

Asim said...

These are the simple gifts and small kindnesses that matter, that make life worth living. The gift of helping people without regard for personal gain or safety. I applaud Dr. Colwell and hope he comes home safely.