Monday, January 26, 2009

The End of a Conservative Era

Bill Kristol wrote his last column today in the New York Times where he wrote that Obama's inauguration on January 20th, 2009 marked the end of a conservative era.

All good things must come to an end. Jan. 20, 2009, marked the end of a conservative era.

Since Ronald Reagan’s election in 1980, conservatives of various sorts, and conservatisms of various stripes, have generally been in the ascendancy. And a good thing, too! Conservatives have been right more often than not — and more often than liberals — about most of the important issues of the day: about Communism and jihadism, crime and welfare, education and the family. Conservative policies have on the whole worked — insofar as any set of policies can be said to “work” in the real world. Conservatives of the Reagan-Bush-Gingrich-Bush years have a fair amount to be proud of.

They also have some regrets. They’ll have time to ponder those as liberals now take their chance to govern.

Lest conservatives be too proud, it’s worth recalling that conservatism’s rise was decisively enabled by liberalism’s weakness.
I obviously disagree with Kristol's opinion that the conservative was a good thing, but do agree that liberals have been weak, often times seeming scared of their own shadows.

Kristol concludes...
there will be trying times during Obama’s presidency, and liberty will need staunch defenders. Can Obama reshape liberalism to be, as it was under F.D.R., a fighting faith, unapologetically patriotic and strong in the defense of liberty? That would be a service to our country.
Liberals that will fight for what they believe, who are strong and unapologetic? Now that's change I can believe in!

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