Sunday, November 02, 2008

SD: Heil Sends Mailing to Cover Up Failing Grade from NRA

Yesterday, I received a campaign mailing from Jarret Heil, the Republican candidate in Senate District 22, saying that he will protect my Second Amendment rights when he is elected to the State Senate.

I thought this was pretty interesting mailing considering that I already had voted a week ago, am a registered Democrat, and gun rights don't rank high on my lists of issues. Then I wondered what the NRA thought about this race considering that Heil's opponent, Steve Sodders is a deputy sheriff.

I found this website that lists all of the NRA's grades in Iowa for the 2008 election. Here is what they gave the candidates in Senate District 22...

District 22



Heil is one again trying to spin to cover up one of his weaknesses. In his TV ad, Heil declared he was a local leader when he moved to the District just over a year ago after living elsewhere for nearly 10 years.

Now Heil is hoping that a shiny campaign mailing can cover up the facts about your gun rights. However, the facts are, according to the NRA, Steve Sodders will protect your 2nd Amendment rights, not Jarret Heil.


Anonymous said...

I am responding based upon the fact that I know both the writer, Pat and the candidate, Jarret. I too find it interesting that our mail box has been filled to overflowing with mailings from the Sodders campaign camp. These mailings have been filled with lies and assumptions that simply are not true. Jarret has never said he would support a Federal Sales Tax. The comment, taken out of contest, referred to a question posed to Jarret earlier in the campaign. He said he would be open to exploring the idea of a Federal Sales Tax. As your State Senator he does not have the voting right to impose such a tax even if he did support it. All Jarret's comment said to me was that he was open minded and not one to rush to judgment.

As a registered Republican, it seemed a little odd to me that I too have been receiving a flood of "shiny campaign mailing" aka political propaganda, on a daily basis. After checking I found that each candidate is given a list of anyone who votes absentee, which allows them the opportunity to reach out to these voters before election day. At least Jarret took the high road and has encouraged people to vote for him based on what he will do for his constituents. The Sodders campaign has solely been based on bashing Jarret and trying to make a really outstanding young man look like he is heartless and out of touch. Jarret is a caring individual and is not out of touch!

Blog what you want, but keep it honest!

Come on, keep it honest anon.9:21 said...

anon 9:21

"taken out of contest"? What does that mean?

It seems like the blogger is telling the truth. You are just taking what Jarret said and than making excuses for him and trying to spin the truth and call it "honesty".

Also you wrote...

"The Sodders campaign has solely been based on bashing Jarret and trying to make a really outstanding young man look like he is heartless and out of touch. Jarret is a caring individual and is not out of touch!"

Some of this is your opinon, most is just an outright lie.

I have met Steve Sodders and although I am a Republican, I did vote absentee for Mr. Sodders. He is an independant and conservative minded Democrat and I have seen ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING at all coming out of the Sodders campaign. He knocked on my door and talked to me for about two minutes.

I have not met Jarret, I do not know if he is out of touch or heartless. I do know that he has not made the effort to meet with voters in his area, otherwise he would have contacted me, A Republican voter and a volunteer for the McCain campaign.

I know some people will defend there chosen candidate to the end of the earth, and that is your right, even to the point of lying, as you have done above, however, I also have the right to point out your lie.

noneed4thneed said...

The mailings about Jarret supporting a national sales tax came from a 527. The Sodders campaign had nothing to do with it. In fact it is against the law for the Sodders campaign to communicate with the 527.

The candidates also get a list of those who have voted, so they don't have to spend resources contacting people who already have voted.

About the issue of this post. When I hear about protecting 2nd amendment rights, I think of the NRA and the NRA recommends Steve Sodders.