Thursday, October 23, 2008

SD 22: Which Candidate is a Local Leader?

Republican Jarret Heil's TV ad has been up for a couple weeks now. It is a basic biographical ad. I've seen the ads on CNN, Comedy Central, and ESPN, while his opponent, Steve Sodders' ads are airing on the Des Moines networks.

There are two things that bother me with the ad. First, the ad says that Heil is not a politician, yet he has worked for politicians in Washington DC for the last 5 and half years.

The other thing that bothers me is that the ad says Heil is a local leader. He has only recently moved back to the district a little over a year ago. He might have been active in the community while he was living in DC, but he moved back to the district and shortly after announced he was going to run. He is running to become a local leader.

Steve Sodders has been on the board of the local Red Cross chapter and is on the board of Youth and Shelter Services. He teachers DARE in the schools, coaches soccer, and is a middle school wrestling coach. Heil doesn't have a long list of community involvement and has not been on any local boards like his opponent has. Just because his ad says that he is a local leader doesn't make it so.


Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. Thank you for your opinion and no supporting facts.

First, over the course of Jarret's life he has lived in Marshall County a total of 20-21 years, Steve Sodders has lived in the district something like 12-15 years. The rest of Mr. Heil's life outside the district he's spent furthering his education so that he could come back to give back to the people of District 22. What's wrong with that? Also, just because an individual has listed a few social organizations on their resume in no way measures leadership. I noticed you forgot to mention Jarret's involvement at his church or the Salvation Army in Marshalltown during college summer breaks.

Jarret Heil's not a politician and he has never run for public office. Saying that Mr. Heil is a politician by association is like saying someone's a doctor because they worked for one. It should also be noted that Heil earned a business management degree and spanish minor, not a political science degree. You must have forgot to mention that too.

It's also interesting to look at dollars raised by the candidates, I think voters from District 22 would be amazed at the amount of money Sodders has raised from non-local individuals and special interests. Compare that with Heil's overwhelming local support. What does that have to say about local leadership?

noneed4thneed said...

There is nothing wrong with spending time outside the district furthering your education and gaining skills then moving back. Iowa needs more young professionals to do just that. But don't run an ad that says you are a local leader when you have been active locally since you graduated high school almost 10 years ago.

Anonymous said...

Right on noneed4theneed! I was undecided until the forum last week but his swagger and rambling answers to questions helped me make up my mind. Steve Sodders has given on many levels to this area from his service as a deputy, to his leadership in the classrooms with the DARE program. In addition, his answers to questions at the forum were to the point and honest, not for show like Heil. It also troubles me that Heil works outside this district and has not lived her since he was a kid; to me this speaks volumes. I have been nothing but unimpressed by Heil in the last few weeks! He often runs his mouth and the only things coming out are condescending and rude!

Otho Republican said...

Im happy now with voting for Steve, he's a wonderful man. Thank you for your update

Anonymous said...

Did Heil steal the music for his ad from Big Buck Hunter?