Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Nussle Running for RNC Chair

So it looks like Jim Nussle is really going to run to be the next chair of the RNC.

From the Politicao (via Marc Ambinder)...
This White House's formal link to the GOP's post-Bush era? Jim Nussle, director of the Office of Management and Budget, plans to run for chairman of the Republican National Committee. As a Republican House member from Iowa, he was part of the Gingrich transition team that ushered in the "Contract with America." He was the GOP nominee for Iowa governor in 2006, and retired from Congress in 2007. Nussle has to lay low for now because he's working on the transition. Attribute all this to Nussle sources.
This tells me that Nussle isn't done in Iowa politics.  He could be RNC chair for a few years and then possibly use that stature to run for Harkin's Senate seat in 2014 (or maybe even Grassley's in 2010 if Grassley retires and Iowa Republicans can't find an adequate repalcement).  

No longer would Nussle be the former Congressman who lost a bid for Governor, but he would be a former RNC chair that had spent time working in the White House.

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