Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Common Iowan Election Predictions

I meant to post some in depth predictions like Deeth did, but didn't have time this morning.  

So here is a quick look at my predictions...

Obama 329- McCain 209

The closest state is Missouri, followed by Indiana, Montana, and North Carolina.
Obama wins Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Nevada
McCain wins Ohio, North Carolina, Indiana, Montana

US Senate
Democrats win in Virginia, New Mexico, Colorado, New Hampshire, Alaska, Oregon, and Minnesota.  Neither candidate in Georgia will get 50% to win and there will be a run off.

US House
Democrats will pick up 24 seats.

Obama 57% - McCain 43%

McCain has stayed between 40-45% (just like Nussle did in 2006) all year long, so I don't see him gettin any closer than that.

Harkin 60% - Reed 40%

1st District Braley 62% - Hartsuch 38%
2nd District Loebsack 53% - Miller Meeks 43%
3rd District Boswell 56% - Schmett 44%
4th District Latham 53% - Greenwald 47%
5th District King 58% - Hubler 42%

Iowa Senate
Democrats pick up 3 seats to have a 33-17 advantage.

Iowa House
Democrats pick up 6 seats to have a 59-41 advantage.

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Anonymous said...

Where are you getting your numbers?

Greenwald got S-M-O-K-E-D!