Monday, October 20, 2008

McCain Considering to Concede Colorado, Iowa and focus on Pennsylvania

All summer long I have said that Obama can win without winning Ohio and Florida by winning Iowa, New Mexico, and either Colorado or Virginia.

This afternoon Chris Bowers at Open Left echoed my thoughts by saying this race depends on two states: Colorado and Virginia. Most election predictions have Obama having secured 264 electoral votes and either Colorado or Virginia would put him over the top even without winning Florida and Ohio.

If you are worried that Obama's lead is shrinking, my advice is simply to look to Colorado and Virginia. As long as he is ahead in one of those two states, then he is still headed to victory. Right now, he is so far ahead in both states, that there is virtually no chance he would the election. We have also been on real winning streaks in both states recently, picking up the Colorado Governorship (we already had the Virginia Governorship), two--and soon to be all four--U.S. Senate seats, two--and soon to be three or four--U.S. House seats, not to mention three of the four branches of the state legislatures. In other words, these are just not states where Democrats have been losing much at all.

Colorado and Virginia serve as a very strong two-state firewall. And remember, Obama only needs one.
Then this evening it was announced on CNN it was announced McCain is considering conceding Colorado and focus his campaign entirely on Pennsylvania.

From Colorado Independent...

CNN’s chief national correspondent, John King, reported Monday afternoon that John McCain’s campaign has decided Colorado “is gone,” and Democrat Barack Obama will likely win the state.

Describing the “tough decisions” being made at the “top of the McCain campaign” with two weeks to go until the election, King said the Republican’s team is headed toward adopting a “risky strategy” that concedes Colorado, New Mexico and Iowa to Obama while going all in on the chance of winning Pennsylvania, a state where the Democrat has recently led in the polls by double digits.

This move would mean McCain is putting all of his chips in Pennsylvania, a state that Bush lost in both 2000 and 2004.


Here's video of King's report on CNN...

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