Thursday, May 22, 2008

Voting on SCHIP Again

Last fall, SCHIP passed the Senate with a veto proof margin, but it was unable to get enough votes to override Bush's veto in the House.

However, this spring 3 House seats in heavily Republican districts have been won by Democrats, which makes you wonder if SCHIP should be brought back up for a vote.

From Open Left...

Now the closest vote on veto-override was 273-156 which put it 13 "yeas" short of override. Childers and Cazayoux explicitly and prominently support SCHIP expansion in their campaign web sites. Foster was more generally for UHC so I imagine he's on board for SCHIP. So that narrows the margin to 276-153 at least. So we'd only need to flip another 10 votes to override.

With the GOP reeling I'm sure even some of the staunchest nay votes in the darkest red districts must be sweating a little. Doubting the surety of their re-election just a little. Back in 2007 they could assure themselves that Democrats would trip-up and the Republican situation would improve. It hasn't and the trendline isn't good.

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