Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hillary Clinton = Elitist

Hillary Clinton was on Bill O'Reilly last night, pandering to rich people, saying, "Rich people, God bless us."

Then there's a clip of Clinton having trouble getting the coffee machine to work at a convenience store. Maybe she should have her maid just get the coffee for her.

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iPol said...

Um....ok. But none of the remaining candidates has any credible claim to make for the "average citizen" mantel. Their every move is made within a Secret Service secure perimeter; they arrive at the convenience store, or bowling alley, or what-have-you in a motorcade; and when the day's campaigning is done, they fly off to the next day's venues in a private jet.

Does that equate to elitism? Or is it just the reality of campaigning for president in 21st century America? If the latter, should it then be taken as a reflection of character or attitude?

I don't really expect anyone running for president to be a good bowler, or be able to operate a coffee machine, any more than I would expect them to be able to pilot their own aircraft or maintain their own website. What I do expect - and indeed, demand - is for them to be committed to improving the general welfare of the country and committed to upholding the Constitution. If there's any time left over once they've done that, then, yes, let's all go bowling, then stop by the convenience store for a cuppa java.