Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sen. McKibben Thinks Smoking Ban Would Kill Children

I have heard some poor arguments come from Republicans like Sen. Larry McKibben before, but trying to follow the logic on this last one was enough to give me a headache.

McKibben argued that the smoking ban would actually cause more health problems.

McKibben cited studies that he believes point to out that smokers may begin drinking in a bar, then drive to a casino to enjoy some more fellowship with friends while being allowed to smoke indoors. At the very least, McKibben believes it could put more intoxicated drivers on the road.

“We will have more accidents and more fatalities on Highway 30,” he said. “And families with children will be involved.”

However, even if the smoking ban applied to state casinos, it would not affect the casino nearest to Marshalltown, the Meskwaki Casino, as it is run by a Native American tribe and therefore not subject to the smoking ban.


bob said...

This guy is just sad, or senile, who is running against him in Novmeber?

Support McKinley Bailey said...

Your right, that is pretty sad, I think its Steve Sodders.