Thursday, April 10, 2008

IA-03: Campaigns of the Rich and Powerful

Ed Fallon responds in this online video to claims that Fallon has violated campaign finance laws by Bush Dog Democrat Leonard Boswell. Fallon is challenging Boswell in a primary in Iowa's 3rd district.

A misguided reporter from the popular Youtube show "Campaigns of the Rich and Powerful" steps into Team Fallon HQ to investigate the massive wealth of a grassroots campaign. Cuban cigars, Benjamin Franklins, caviar, and diamonds are paving the way for more progressive future... or not.

Fact: 100% of our funds come from people like you. That's right.

Fact: 0% of Team Fallon's funds ever are from paid lobbyists, or Political Action Committees with corporate ties and intentions. Nor have they ever been able to write a check to Ed Fallon in his 14 years as a State Rep or in his run for Governor in 2006. Instead Ed always self-imposed a cap on contributions, so that money can never be louder than voters.

Fact: 74% of Boswell's campaign money from 2007 came from lobbyists and PACs.

Fact: Of the 322 PAC contributions Boswell received last year, the largest percentage came from corporate PACs.

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