Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Common Iowan Makes the Washington Post

Yesterday, I was quoted in the Washington Post in an article about David Yepsen. The quote was at the end of the story about Yepsen's detractors and included a quote from one of my posts about Yepsen saying out-of-state college students shouldn't vote in the caucuses.

Yepsen has his detractors, and he is fooled now and then. He misread former Vermont governor Howard Dean's campaign in 2004: "If organization is as important as caucus lore tells us it is, Howard Dean should win the Iowa caucuses tonight," read the opening line of Yepsen's Register column on Jan. 19, 2004.

His complaint about out-of-state students struck some observers as caucus jingoism. "David Yepsen owes all Iowans an apology," wrote liberal blogger Patrick Stansberry, who noted that the state is suffering a brain drain. "These students are the ones Iowa is depending on to stay in the state after they graduate," he noted on his Century of the Common Iowan blog.

It was pretty cool getting quoted in the Washington Post, but they could have used a better quote, such as this one...
Yepsen flat out says that it is legal for these college students to caucus then condemns these college students for considering coming back to Iowa over their holiday break to caucus. These students are residents of Iowa for at least 10 months of the year and many stay in the state over the summer to work and take classes.

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Ben said...

Congrats on the national attention.
I agree your actual argument could have been better quoted, but "sexy" issues like rural braindrain will win out over legal arguments any day of the week.

The sense I get from alot of the national press is they don't think much of Yepsen, though they are pretty much forced by a lack of alternatives to turn to him for the "Iowa perspective".