Friday, November 23, 2007

Results of the November Common Iowan Straw Poll

The voting for the November Common Iowa Straw Poll ended earlier this week. A record 684 voters were cast.

Here are the results (September results in parenthesis)...

Chris Dodd 23% (45%)
Joe Biden 19% (2%)
Barack Obama 19% (11%)
John Edwards 17% (30%)
Dennis Kucinich 11% (1%)
Bill Richardson 4% (11%)
Hillary Clinton 3% (2%)

The results don't mean much, except to give a little insight on how strong a candidates support is online. Last month's winners (Dodd, Edwards, and Richardson) weren't nearly as strong this month. While Biden, Obama, and Kucinich increased their numbers. I did track visitors coming from Biden's and Obama's campaign blog, while some Dodd supporters came via Facebook.

I will post a new poll right before the caucuses.


Dan Clark said...

"A little insight" is generous. These results mean even less. Online so-called polls are only about distracting those who don't know any better--and entertaining those who do, I suppose.

sayuncle said...

Yes, I agree with what Mr Clark said. Dennis Kucinich said it (I'll paraphrase) You can talk about endorsements, you can talk about polls, you can talk about money, then you don't have to talk about the real issues...

Something we've been saying all along. Running around trying to drive up this or that online poll is NOT going to get anybody elected, it's just spinning our valuable wheels.