Sunday, November 18, 2007

Immigration Con Artists

David Sirota takes a look at the cause of illegal immigration in his latest column...

Republicans like Rep. Tom Tancredo (Colo.) are demanding the government cut off public services for undocumented workers, build a barrier at the Mexican border and force employers to verify employees' immigration status. Democrats like Rep. Rahm Emanuel (Ill.) are urging their allies to either embrace a punitive message aimed at illegal immigrants, or avoid the immigration issue altogether. And nobody asks the taboo question: What is illegal immigration actually about?

The answer is exploitation. Employers looking to maximize profits want an economically desperate, politically disenfranchised population that will accept ever worse pay and working conditions. Illegal immigrants perfectly fit the bill.

Politicians know exploitation fuels illegal immigration. But they refuse to confront it because doing so would mean challenging their financiers.

Instead we get lawmakers chest-thumping about immigration enforcement while avoiding a discussion about strengthening wage and workplace safety enforcement — proposals that address the real problem.

Equally deplorable, these same lawmakers keep supporting trade policies that make things worse. Just last week, both Emanuel and Tancredo voted to expand NAFTA into the Southern Hemisphere. This is the same trade model that not only decimated American jobs and wages, but also increased illegal immigration by driving millions of Mexican farmers off their land, into poverty and ultimately over our southern border in search of subsistence work.


reusha2000 said...

Tom Tancredo is doing the JOB your President is failing to do PROTECT THE AMERICAN CITIZEN!!!

uk visa said...

David, I think you're very accurate in where the economic driving forces of illegal immigration are.
Something that none of the aspiring leaders want to talk about is how much another war would cost and the chances of it succeeding - the war on drugs continues to cost US taxpayers huge amounts of money and, the last time I heard wasn't won.