Wednesday, August 08, 2007

What's Wrong with America and What Will You do to Change it?

I only caught the last part of the AFL-CIO debate in Chicago last night. I didn't see enough to write a review of it.

I did see this question and it almost brought me to tears.

I would really like to see this same question asked at a Republican debate and watch the candidates squirm their way out of it. The responses would be similar to when Bush was peddling his Social Security plan and a woman told Bush that she works 3 jobs and Bush said that is uniquely American.


evelgal said...

Oh she has 3 jobs ? Well good ! that means there shouldn't be such a thing as unemployment. It's the people who choose to be lazy and be on welfare so why should taxes be raised for the hard workers to pay for these bums ? Democrats are communists.. open your eyes.

noneed4thneed said...

This post has nothing to do with welfare. It is about a woman who works 3 jobs because she can't afford to live if she doesn't work that much. This woman doesn't work 3 jobs because there are jobs and they have to be filled.

And the post is about a man who worked for 30+ years as a steelworker then retired, the Company went bankrupt and lost his pension and now he has no health care.

Do you think this 65 year old man should have to work 3 jobs to provide health care for his family? Are you saying this man is lazy?

There are some lazy people on welfare, but the point is if someone is working 40 hours a week, they should be able to earn a living wage. If someone spends their career working, they should be able to retire without worrying about losing their pension and health care they earned while working.

bgunzy said...

Did the steelworker not have any savings? What did he do to help himself, rather than rely on the government, the steel company, and the union?

Maybe the demands the union made on the steel company caused it to go out of business?

Yeah, it would suck to loose what you've worked for your whole life, but nothing is guaranteed. You have to take care of yourself; John Edwards isn't always going to be there to wipe away your tears.

Ben said...

Wow...this is a big milestone for the blog. It has attracted trolls.

Seriously though, bgunzy weren't you the one who was here a week or so ago defending farm subsidies? Since you'll take care of yourself, I'd like my money back please. Oh and the police and fire departments will no longer respond to your 911 calls, and you no longer have running water.