Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ron Paul Goes on the Air in Iowa

The Des Moines Register is reporting that Ron Paul has gone up with TV and radio ads in Iowa starting today that will run through the weekend.

The 30-second ads will be in rotation in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Sioux City, campaign spokesman Jesse Benton said. He would not disclose the amount paid.

The ad features Paul speaking to a crowd of supporters while an announcer repeats Paul's fiscally conservative campaign themes.

"Ron Paul has never voted to increase taxes, he refused his congressional pension and has never voted to raise his congressional pay," the announcer says while a camera pans over Paul and cheering supporters. "Now he's running for president to secure our borders, to stop runaway spending, to protect our liberties and to save our Constitution."


Richard said...

Iowans please, for the Love of God Almighty, I beg you to go vote for Ron Paul. He is the last hope for our great country!

Check him out here.

Chris said...

Had Mr. Paul stuck with the Libertarian tag I'd be more apt to give him a chance... Can't blame the guy for realizing his chances are infinitely better with one of the two major parties, but simply having the "R" behind his name sours things for me. If I were Republican I'd certainly vote for him over the others, but I'm still hoping for a Richardson coup, personally. Or Obama.

Kevin said...

Chris, what does it matter what he is? You know what he stands for and he has the record to back it up. He's the most pure, honest, trustworthy candidate running for president period!

Chris said...

Kevin -- Dr. Paul made a conscious decision to identify himself with the Republican party. To me that means two things: 1) It must matter to HIM "what he is." 2) He must identify with Republican values. It doesn't much matter to me if he's the most pure, honest, trustworthy candidate running if I don't believe in his values or his message...

To be honest, I like quite a bit of what Dr. Paul stands for (I have a strong Libertarian streak), but I'm VERY worried that he'll swing to the right if elected (he is, after all, a Republican), and I don't think the nation can afford to take that chance. Had he stayed Libertarian, I would have voted for him without a worry. But now I can't.