Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Harkin Sides With Obama About the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Sen. Tom Harkin agreed with Barack Obama about not using nuclear weapons.

Harkin likened the nuclear talk among Democrats to President Bush's policy.

"Bush policy is, you got a big stick, use it," Harkin said. "You use tanks and you use huge weapons and massive military to go after terrorists.

"It's just wrong, not the way to beat terrorists."

Harkin went on to criticize policy statements on how to deal with Pakistan.

"You're going to drop a bomb in Pakistan? They do have nuclear weapons themselves, folks," he said.
This isn't an endorsement of Obama by Harkin. Harkin has said he is not going to endorse anyone in the Iowa Caucuses. However, if you put these comments with Harkin inviting Obama to be the speaker at last year's Harkin Steak Fry and it seems Harkin leans towards Obama. These comments are even more interesting considering Harkin's wife has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

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