Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Edwards and Obama Vying to be the Most Popular Populist

David Sirota has a great post about John Edwards and Barack Obama battling it out for the Populist mantle. Sirota takes a look at the populists stances each has taken and writes...

But now, Obama is taking Edwards more seriously, trying to match -- if not one-up -- Edwards in the race for the populist mantle. It really doesn't matter whether you think Obama's moves are principled or whether you think he is just politically calculating and can't really be a populist because his campaign is overrun with Wall Street cash and Washington insiders. The point here is that there is clearly a competition going on -- and that's a good thing not just for the candidates in question, but for a political debate sorely lacking in any real discussion of the major economic forces that shape -- and hurt -- America

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