Wednesday, March 21, 2007

How Does California Moving Up their Primary affect Iowa?

There could be a total of 23 states that hold their primaries on February 5th, just weeks after Iowa and New Hampshire. Here is a story from Monday from the Waterloo/Cedar Falls Courier about how California moving up their primary to February 5th affects the Iowa Caucuses.

He (Dave Nagle) believes it is imperative Iowa offers candidates who win or do well here a chance to capitalize on their success.

"This is the only place under-funded candidates are going to have a shot," Nagle said.

He has advocated moving up Iowa to put more space between the Iowa caucuses and the contests that follow, especially if New Hampshire moves ahead as officials there have threatened to do.

Nagle argues for a longer selection process than what is planned for 2008.

A less condensed calendar is better in the event the frontrunner stumbles, Nagle said, and ensures the best candidate wins, rather than the candidate with the most money.

I totally agree with Nagle. The condensed calendar will only make Iowa more important. Candidates will need that momentum because they will not be able to simultanously campaign in all 23 states that hold their primaries on February 5th.

It is looking like we will have our nominee by Valentines Day of 2008 or we will have a 2 or 3 candidates split enough of the states on February 5th and that have enough money to hold out and the nomination will go all the way to the convention. I think both scenarios are bad for deciding your nominee.

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