Thursday, July 06, 2006

Iowa is Getting Invaded

2008 Presidential hopefuls are coming out in full force and visiting Iowa. The Register has the story here and includes information about Vilsack campaigning in his own state on a "Promises Kept" tour.

This weekend will see Evan Bayh (check Nicolai's post about Bayh) and John Edwards here. Mark Warner will be heading here next week and I am once again hearing rumors about Russ Feingold coming to Iowa this month. Joe Biden plans on moving to Iowa for 2 weeks in August. I hope to be able to get out and live blog a couple of the events.

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CR said...

"Iowa is Getting Invaded"

Apt title, given that Bayh is coming.

In January, Bayh gave a weak rationalization for an outrageous bombing of Pakistan. Lott and McCain were just as bad. These guys really do have zero imagination.