Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Distribution of I-JOBS Funds go to 948 Communities and all 99 Counties

The Governor's office issued a press release today giving details about the first distribution of I-JOBS funds that will be going out next week.

Continuing to lead the way in efforts to create jobs and strengthen the economy, Governor Chet Culver visited the Des Moines Public Works this morning to announce nearly $100 million in additional road and bridge funding from I-JOBS for transportation projects across the state.

“I-JOBS is about creating jobs, improving our infrastructure and strengthening our economy,” said Governor Culver. “Today, I’m proud to announce that, within a matter of days, these funds will be flowing to every community in Iowa. I-JOBS will not only fix our roads, but create new jobs and new opportunities for our communities, and build a stronger, safer Iowa.”

Every city and county in Iowa will receive a portion of $45 million in additional funding under I-JOBS for local street and road projects. These funds will begin being distributed to cities and counties starting next Tuesday.

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