Monday, June 08, 2009

Rants Running For Governor

Rep. Christopher Rants (R-Sioux City) is running for Governor even though he hasn't officially announced it.

From the Sioux City Journal...
Republican state Rep. Christopher Rants said Wednesday he's edging closer to running for governor, saying the party wants someone who can bridge gaps between social and fiscal conservatives.

"I think people realize that we need a candidate who has good credentials in both camps," Rants said. "I've got solid credentials with both groups."

The 41-year-old former House speaker from Sioux City is in his ninth term in the Legislature. He's been traveling the state since lawmakers adjourned this year's session in late April, talking to activists, collecting financial commitments and mulling a bid for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

In an interview with the Associated Press, there seemed to be little doubt about his decision.

"There are some more people I need to sit down and listen to and then have the final conversation with the family," said Rants, adding he'll announce a decision this month. "Republicans I've talked to seem to like the idea. It's been encouraging."
Then on Saturday, I saw on his Twitter page...
Great time in Pottawattamie. Picked up a very key supporter. Details later. After 1,400 miles for the week its time to head for home. 17,906
Its pretty simple, if he wasn't running then he wouldn't be picking up key supporters.

With Rants in the race, I believe that he is in better position to win the nomination than Sioux City businessman Bob Vander Plaats and that US Rep. Steve King (R-IA 05) is not going to run for governer.

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desmoinesdem said...

In theory, Rants' candidacy could also create an opening for a relatively moderate candidate (assuming Rants and Vander Plaats split the social conservative vote).

Frankly, I don't think Rants is likeable enough to be elected statewide.