Sunday, June 21, 2009

Is a Public Option for Health Insurance a Good Idea?

The Des Moines Register wrote this editorial this morning about the merits of a public option.

So how do you decide whether a public option for health insurance is a good idea?

Ask people who already have it.

And you won't have any trouble finding them. About one-third of Americans - nearly 100 million people - already use Medicare and Medicaid, which together cover seniors, the disabled and the poor. The programs are administered by the government and heavily funded by taxpayers.

They're optional. No one has to sign up. But millions do.

Ask them why they opted to join a government program instead of just going out to purchase health insurance in the private sector, as every American is free to try to do. Ask people with Medicaid whether the government has denied enrolling them (if they met income requirements) or charged them more because of a pre-existing medical condition. Ask seniors with Medicare whether they're worried about losing health insurance if they change jobs or get too sick or can no longer afford to pay the premiums.

If you have time for only one question, ask this: Did a government employee accompany you to your last doctor's appointment?

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Levon said...

I hope that whatever decision would be taken into consideration, it would be for the good of everyone and that everyone would be able to maximize from it.