Friday, June 19, 2009

Grassley: "Greed is human nature."

Sen. Grassley appeared on MSNBC today to discuss economic regulation where he said greed is human nature.

And when asked if the banks are in any position to protest if they're not going to make as much money, Grassley comes back with this:

Greed is human nature. We shouldn't blame greed any more than you'd blame gravity when a plane has an accident and goes down.

I'm sorry Senator, but I think we can blame greed for the mess we're in. Greed and the unwillingness of the government to put a check on it.

You can watch the comment here at about the 3:05 mark.

Sen. Grassley says greed isn't the problem. Yet, in 1980 on average CEOs earned 42 times the salary of the average workes and now they earn about 476 times that salary.

Later in the video Grassley says that the problem is that banks didn't have enough money. He probably has a point. The banks were giving all of their money to their greedy CEOs.

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Adam said...

Grassley needs to go. I hope Bob Krause is able to beat him and send him home!