Monday, June 01, 2009

Romney Flips Flops on Move to New Hampshire

I posted a couple months ago about Mitt Romney moving to New Hampshire. Well, I guess Romney is denying that he is moving.

Mitt Romney rejected reports "that he is planning to make his permanent residence in New Hampshire to position himself for the state's first-in-nation presidential primary,"Politico reports. 
Said Romney: "No, my residence is still in Massachusetts. That is my home. That's where I vote. And I'm going to continue to be a Massachusetts resident -- I can't tell you how many years that's the case -- but for the indefinite future."
So Romney was first pro-choice now he is against abortion.  He was for gun control now he is in favor of small varmint hunting.  He was for gay rights now he is anti-gay.  He was for immigration reform now he is against amnesty.  After this news, Romney was for moving to New Hampshire, now he is against it.

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