Monday, May 11, 2009

Loebsack’s 21st Century Green High Performing Public Schools legislation Passes

I heard Rep. Dave Loebsack speak in March and talked about trying to get a bill passed that would provide money for school modernization and green schools. He argued the bill would create jobs, create better learning environments for students, and save money in the long run. 

Last week, the bill finally passed.
Congressman Loebsack’s 21st Century Green High Performing Public Schools Act Will Provide $6.4 Billion in Funds to Repair and Modernize Schools

Green High Performing Public Schools Act Will Create and Save Jobs While Creating Long Term Cost Savings for our Schools

WASHINGTON DC – Today, the House Education and Labor Committee approved Congressman Dave Loebsack’s legislation to provide districts across the country with $6.4 billion for next year for school modernization and repair, increasing academic performance, cutting costs for our schools, and creating good paying jobs. Congressman Loebsack’s 21st Century Green High Performing Public Schools legislation provides $6.4 billion to improve and repair our schools, making them more energy efficient and cost effective. This legislation will help make America’s public school facilities more safe, healthy, energy-efficient and technologically advanced, while creating thousands of new jobs in construction and green industries. Modernizing school facilities have also proven to increase academic performance and will give our children hands-on learning in new and emerging energy industries.

“By modernizing our schools to make them more energy efficient we increase academic performance, student health, teacher retention, and cost savings for our schools. This legislation also comes at a critical time for our construction industries, which are losing jobs at an alarming rate,” said Congressman Loebsack. “Greening our schools creates and saves good paying jobs while improving student performance. I have been an advocate for Green Schools since I have been a Member of Congress, and I am pleased that my green provisions were included in this bill, giving us the tools we need to provide our children with a world class education in a safe, environmentally friendly learning environment.”

Because all students deserve to learn in safe, healthy, and up-to-date school facilities, Congressman Loebsack has been a champion of Green Schools since he was elected to Congress. Congressman Loebsack worked last Congress to pass this legislation with a bipartisan approval of 250-164. In re-introducing this legislation, the Congressman hopes the bill will once again be approved by the House and that it will also be approved by the Senate so that it can be signed into law.

“The quality of our classrooms has an immense impact on the quality of education our children receive,” noted Congressman Loebsack. “According to the Government Accountability Office, 79% of Iowa schools need to repair or upgrade their buildings and facilities. Our students deserve more from us. I will continue to work on behalf of Iowa’s children and I look forward to working with my colleagues to get this legislation signed into law so that we can provide improved learning environments for our students, create new jobs, spur local investment, and create long term cost savings for schools.”

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