Thursday, May 28, 2009

Howard Dean: Gay Marriage Will be Non-Issue in 2010 Elections

At an event tonight in Des Moines, Howard Dean predicted gay marriage will be a non-issue by the 2010 elections.

From Radio Iowa...

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean says the "tide is turning" on gay marriage, partly because of the attitudes of younger Americans. Dean, a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, was in Iowa tonight to speak at a fundraiser for "One Iowa" -- a group that has lobbied for gay marriage.

"This new generation is not nearly as divisive or confrontational as my generation and they also all know somebody who is gay because somebody has publicly said so to them and once you know somebody who is gay or lesbian, you can't say the things that you used to say about them," Dean says. "I remember growing up, we used to say things about gay people; we didn't know anybody who was gay -- we didn't think we knew anybody who was gay. Once somebody says, 'I'm gay and I wish you wouldn't do that,' you don't talk like that anymore because they're a human being."

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