Monday, April 27, 2009

Where do people get married at?

I have a question for Rightwing Republicans who are protesting against the Iowa Supreme Court's decision to grant gays equal rights under Iowa's constitution.

Where do people get married at?

a) a Church
b) a Courthouse
If you answered b) and believe that gay marriage should be illegal then you have reason to upset.

However, I am pretty sure that you believe people get married at a church. The decision handed down by the Iowa Supreme Court has nothing to do with churches. The decision grants equal rights under the law when you get a marriage license from a County Recorder at a local Courthouse. People will take this marriage license to the church of their choice to get married.

If your church allows gay marriage and you disagree with that then I would suggest finding a church better aligns with your beliefs.

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Knute Rife said...

Actually, it has one thing to do with churches: The state is no longer unconstitutionally interfering with the religious practices of those churches that have wanted to perform gay marriages.