Monday, April 06, 2009

Register Poll Shows Culver Might be Vulnerable

A new Des Moines Register poll conducted by Selzer and Co. shows that Chet Culver might be vulnerable against a strong Republican opponent in his reelection campaign.

Iowa Gov. Chet Culver's approval slipped to 55 percent, down from 60 percent in the Register's September and January polls. [...]

The poll also revealed some reservations by Iowans about Culver, as the Democrat looks toward mounting a 2010 campaign for a second term.

Just 35 percent said they would definitely vote to re-elect Culver, while 28 percent said they would consider an alternative and 18 percent said they would definitely vote for someone else.
On the bright side Culver's approval is above the 50% mark. However, it has dropped 5% in the past few months and only 35% would definitely vote for him for reelection in 2010.

The question, however, is if Republicans have a strong opponent out there. Would Steve King or Tom Latham give up their seats in the US House? Does Bill Northey have what it takes to win in Eastern Iowa? Will anyone take Bob Vander Plaats serious? Do people actually know who Dave Vaudt and Rod Roberts are? I would have liked to see some head-to-head numbers of these people against Culver.

The next month is important for Culver, as the legislative session ends. Culver has bumped heads with leaders in his own party over key labor issues and an increase in the gas tax among others. Now there is a potential of disagreement over the Supreme Court's decision on gay marriage.

Of the 35% that say they would definitely support Culver for reelection, I would assume most all are Democrats and very few are Republicans. Culver needs to shore up his Democratic support. The Republicans will do what they can to ostracize independent voters as the party continues to move to the far right.

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Ben said...

With a redistricting coming up in 2012 and Latham likely loosing his seat anyway, I could see him making a run for it.

Vaudt has his CITEC credentials to run on, but those may not carry as much water as they would have a year or two ago.

King would be the biggest name, but I don't see him giving up the Western Iowa gravy train.