Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easy Earth Day Activites

Image via WikipediaHere are some easy Earth Day activities...

For $10

  • Make a $10 donation (or more!) to Replanting the Rainforests, an organization collecting donations to help restore and permanently rebuild some of the 80% of the world’s native forests that have been destroyed.
  • Offset your carbon footprint. allows you to see how much your carbon footprint is for your home, car, travel, or event and allows you to offset it. Or just select the Gift option to choose your offset in $10 increments (it’s tax deductible!).
  • Go see Disneynature’s first film: Earth, adapted from the Emmy Award Winning Planet Earth, which follows three animal families and their journey. During opening week Disney will plant a tree for each ticket purchased.

For Free

  • Volunteer at a community garden, animal sanctuary, or other pro-green organization. Make a once a month commitment.
  • Start a green habit. Buy reusable bags, get biodegradable poop bags for your pooch, start timing your showers, carpool, walk, take the bus, whatever you’ve been meaning to do, use Earth Day as a green New Years Eve.
  • Plant something. Nothing feels greener than planting a tree or a garden.
  • Get outside! Take a walk in the park or a hike in the woods and say thanks to Mother Nature up close.
Something easy that I did this morning was walk around and unplug any chargers and appliances. I found 2 cell phone chargers, 1 laptop, a coffee pot, and I shut down my computer.

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