Thursday, March 26, 2009

Politico: Bruce Braley a member to watch

The Politico has named Iowa's Bruce Braley as a Representitive to watch in an article about future leaders of the Democratic caucus in the US. House

In numbers alone, the 2006 and 2008 classes — which gave Democrats the huge majority — now represent nearly a third of the caucus.

Lawmakers such as Iowa Rep. Bruce Braley and the two Murphys — Christopher of Connecticut and Patrick J. of Pennsylvania — are the members to watch, aides and lobbyists suggest. All three beat tough Republican incumbents to win their House seats. And now each is dispensing wisdom to the class right below them about how to do the same.

Braley is now a vice chairman of the DCCC, responsible for recruitment, fundraising and making sure members are doing everything necessary to retain their seats.


Anonymous said...

But Braley never beat a tough Republican incumbent! He got his seat in an open race!

Ben said...

Poltico must have assumed Congressman Braley defeated Nussle, without realizing that Nussel ran for gov. instead. Their main point (that Braley is making a name for himself in Congress) is still a fair one.