Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Iowa's Waterways Suffer For Bad Policy

Joe Hennager at Blue Planet Green Living has a rather inspired idea to do what the legislature in Iowa has been unable to do to protect Iowa's waterways from the massive sewage that CAFO operators pour into them through being able to dump raw hog sewage onto frozen fields. By any measure of common sense, there is no way anything good can come of this as when the spring rains and snow melt come, the sewage is washed into creeks, tributaries and eventually the rivers in Iowa.

Joe's idea, devilishly simple, stop eating pork. That's right, just say no to pork. His point is a simple one, we the consumers are responsible for this problem by supporting the practices that eventually could kill off our rivers for recreation, wildlife, and survival.

Check out his story and think about whether you want to be part of the solution or an enabler. As much as I love ham, bacon, pork chops and other things pork, I'm saying "No Pork."

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IowaCowgirl said...

I did this years ago. And I'm a beef farmer.