Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hoping for Failure

I wrote last month about Rush Limbaugh saying he hopes Obama fails.

I was not a big fan of George W. Bush, but it wasn't always that way. I began not to like Bush after numerous failures during his presidency. There was the Iraq War, Mission Accomplished, Katrina, tax cuts for the wealthy, torture, domestic spying, just to name a few. I didn't root for him to fail even though that is all he seemed to do as president.

What Rush and the Right is doing is completely different. They are rooting for Obama's failure because it would lead to their personal gain. Rush would get better ratings and more money. Republicans would have a better chance at getting elected. It would also lead to the demise of our great country.

I am sorry, but putting one's own well being before country is what I call unpatriotic.
Here's website called Hoping for Failure that highlights this unpatriotic message from Rush and other Republicans.

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Ben said...

Republican hopes for Pres. Obama's failure are a matter of survival. If Pres. Obama's policies succeed then it disproves 100 plus years of conservative ideology is wrong. For all intents and purposes, success for the democrats in this will mean the ideological end of the Republican party. Accordingly they are literally betting the party on Pres. Obama's policies failing.

In a very real way, Republican cannot be for these policies and still consider themselves Republicans.