Saturday, March 07, 2009

Dean Being Considered for U.S. Surgeon General Position

A day after Sanjay Guptu withdrew his name as nominee of U.S Surgeon General, Howard Dean's name is getting floated for the position.

Howard Dean, a practicing physician before entering politics, was under consideration by the Obama administration for the post of U.S. surgeon general, CNN reported Friday.

Dean, who recently wrapped up a four-year term as Democratic Party chairman, has been a supporter of health reform, and has privately made clear that he is interested in the job, according to the cable network.

CNN said two White House officials noted that, while it is too early to compile a list of candidates for surgeon general, they did not rule out Dean getting the job.

"I would not dismiss it," one of the White House officials said of the possibility that Dean will be selected.

Dean would be qualified for the position and his work as DNC chair the past 4 years have earned him a spot in the administration.

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