Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Washington DC Top Twitterers

Last week I wrote about my Twitter page and since then I have gained 11 followers.

Yesterday, Politico made a list of Washington DC's top Twitterers. Iowa's Chuck Grassley made the list at #7.

Whereas McCaskill’s (Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO)) tweets are personal in a spunky sort of way, Grassley’s are personal in an Iowan way: friendly but dry.

This 75-year-old sometime farmhand Republican has developed quite a following (2,000-plus) with his plain-spoken, Midwest Twittering style: “On way bk to frigid waterloo. Will my car start at airport.” “I didn’t stay up to see Ball drop. I will watch Hawkeyw ftball. Otherwise read. Not a very exciting new year celebration but tradition forme.” “6 inches snow in New hartford last night. I missed it bc of senate session. Lucky we finished corn harvest last wkend.”

Salon’s Mike Madden, a regular reader and big fan of Grassley’s tweets, says the senator “sounds just like the elderly pig farmer he is.”
Grassley doesn't seem to be the type of Senator that would be on the social media bandwagon and not as the #2 ranked Senator on Politico's list.

Come join the fun at Twitter and see what all the talk is about.

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