Tuesday, February 10, 2009

King Considering Run for Governor

Steve King will be appearing on Iowa Press this week. The show was taped yesterday and King was asked by David Yepsen if he will be running for Governor.

Yepsen: "Is it safe to say you're thinking about it or keeping your options open? How should we couch that?"

King: "Well, I think we can say that it would be foolish to foreclose options and I think it'd be constructive for me, at this point, to say that our most important job right now is to bring together and reunify the Republican Party in this state and I think with the leadership in the Iowa House and Senate along with the new chairman in the party, we have the tools to do that and I want to continue to support that before we start competing against each other."

King knows he represents a safe district, so he won't run unless he truly thinks he has a shot. If he does I would think Christpher Rants would jumping at the chance to run for Congress.

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