Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gregg Withdraws Nomination for Commerce Secretery


CNN is reporting that Judd Gregg just withdrew his nomination for Commerce Secretary. That's huge news - and hugely good news. As reported here at OpenLeft, Gregg wants to slash Social Security and is an ardent free-market fundamentalist and would have had control over a large portion of the government's economic enforcement apparatus. He was under the shadow of the Abramoff investigation, and he was demanding near-unilateral control over the Census, which will be crucial for the 2010 redistricting battle.
The media will probably ask why Obama can't seem to nominate someone who can be confirmed, but in the long run this is good for Progressives.

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Ben said...

Seems like most (if not all) the heat for this has been falling on Gregg at this point.